Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thank You....

You really wouldn't believe how much emphasis I was putting in to just a portion of my blog. My daily blogging was becoming a crazy obsession of wishing and hoping my followers would be increasing with every passing day.

My hubster would just laugh and chuckle when I would question, "why can't I get 47 comments on my today's post?". And "why can't I have 563 followers? Isn't my blog interesting enough?" He would just chuckle with an eye roll.

The purpose of my blogging was not being met. I wanted to have fun with this. I wanted to be able to let out my thoughts and emotions in a place that couldn't talk back, wouldn't judge, wouldn't criticize. And although that was happening, I was wanting more. More followers. More people. More friends.

So with that being said, I want to throw out a BIG thank you to my 2 followers, for taking interest in my blog. You really did make my day when I saw a notification on my dashboard saying I had someone interested in what I had to say..

And an EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to my sister, Amber for finally giving me the realization that I don't need 563 followers to be interesting.

So with finishing this post, I am going to remove my Followers gadget, and simply focus on blogging on what I feel the need or desire to blog about in hopes of inspiring and making someone's day a better day!

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