Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Randoms in a List

  1. I'm not too fond of this time change just yet. Today has flown by, and needless to say I'm not looking forward to this week coming up. I'm wishin' I could hit an Add button to lengthen this day.
  2. The hubs and I took a ride out to the new Kroger Marketplace to grab some groceries (and I wanted to browse some more home decor aisles). Never again. It's amazing how it took just now for me to realize I cannot grocery shop, compare prices, and feel like I am finding everything on my list with the hubby whining and complaining.
  3. The hubby and I had a round 2 of the Margarita House today. We met my Bff and her husband, Matt for lunch. Can't beat another 10 bucks for a full meal. We take advantage of things like that.
  4. This Saturday we have to go to a class that lasts about 7-8 hrs for First Time Home Buyers. Well, I guess it's more for the Mortgage Loan we got for our house. No Mortgage Insurance needed and No Down Payment needed. Can't complain...we're gettin' a great deal. Problem is, is I have a teller banquet that is in downtown Franklin at 6:00 that is formal themed. It's not mandatory, thank I may have to pass that up. I'm thinkin' about it. Who knows. I just know it's gonna be a long week.
  5. The Bff and I went and did some retail therapy. I'm in the process of waiting for a future door decoration to dry (it's paint), so you will be seeing that in a future post. I think it's gonna be adorable though.
  6. I'm watching Twilight again.
  7. I have to find this month's Book Club pick this week. I'm looking forward to trying this out.

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