Monday, March 22, 2010

Spastic Monday

I always try to prepare myself for the upcoming Monday that lies ahead from a busy weekend.

I hate how you wait and wait for the weekend to arrive only to have it pass right before your eyes, and then you're right back to wishin' it was the weekend again.

This past Friday night I stayed home and relaxed while the hubby went out with a few friends to watch wrestling in downtown Nashville.

I was content on my comfy, brown sofa reading blog after blog with an occasional glance at the Lifetime movie that was on. I love nights like those.

Saturday was unusual for the hubby and I. We are usually blessed to be off on the same days, same weekends and always on the same Holidays. (That's the joy of working for banks).

Our Saturdays always consist of sleeping in, and waking up to whatever has to be done around the house and just enjoying the day.

Instead, we woke up at 7:15 in the morning, and headed to a local gas station for an energy drink and some sort of healthy breakfast bar. No such luck.

We had 7 hrs ahead of us to sit and listen to a woman talk about mortgages, credit, why and how to own a home...all in a fold up metal chair. My buttocks has never been in so much pain in my life...and yes, I said buttocks.

Needless to say, we received our Certificate for taking the class, and went home to nap for about 3.5 hours. We were one tired couple.

Sunday consisted of my normal cleaning day, which led to a issue between the hubs and I. For some strange reason, cleaning always brings frustration out of me. Maybe it's because I am OCD about how I want stuff done? Maybe it's because my husband acts like he doesn't know how to do anything around a house? Or maybe it's because I just hate cleaning sometimes. I have come to the conclusion that I must be in the mood to clean, and it can only come upon me on my own terms. If the house is a mess, it will eventually get clean. So don't worry yourself to death.

As for today,'s Monday. What do you expect?

I woke up in hopes of putting a roast and veggies in the crock pot, only to find myself extremely sluggish and not with it.

I tend to ponder the thought....

"What in the world am I gonna do when we have a kid?"

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Amber said...

Well, you can forget your naps when you have a kid, especially if your lucky and get a kid who never sleeps like I did. I think I've gotten maybe four naps in the last six months. So take one for me!