Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Day Off...

....didn't consist of sunshine and blue skies...apparently Mother Nature wanted to throw in some gray skies and rain drops for my day off away from work.

It was a good day any way. I met one of my BFF's, Denise for a Mexican lunch at the Margarita House. I swear the lunch portions are just as big as the dinner portions. I came home with some rice and a half of a Chimichanga. I still think I have Mexican blood in me.

Afterwards, I ran around town to the Goodwill near by where I found some adorable Easter and Spring decor. That will be for a later post since I have not taken any pictures just yet.

Finally, I headed to a near by Antique store/Flea Market that I have been eyeing for the past year.

I am in search of an old window frame that I can get crafty with. A good friend of mine said she got hers there, so in attempt I checked it out. Instead, I found an adorable bunny plate (for a later post) for my coffee table. I actually wouldn't call it a plate, but you'll see it eventually.

And that was the day off. Pretty exciting, don't ya think???

Tonight has been quite enjoyable. The hubby and I finally got our Netflix activated again, so our movie pick was "The Proposal" of our favorites.

Sandra Bullock is a personal favorite of mine, and just the movie itself is great!

Now enough for the rambling. Sorry it wasn't too interesting!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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