Friday, March 19, 2010

A Kitchen Rut

I need some advice. No nothing major, just some ideas on what to do. I ask my husband for suggestions and his reply is, "Whatever you wanna do, babe is fine with me". Fat lotta good that does me.

So, this is what I need some ideas and suggestions on. This bare space of a wall between my kitchen cabinets and over the sink.

I have tried to somewhat make it appealing and nice, but it's wearing thin on me. I just don't like it anymore.

I would absolutely love if there was any way possible to put a window over it, but I know that would cost more money than my hubster would want to put in to it, but goodness...would that look lovely, or what!?

So, please, please, please people...share your ideas and thoughts!
Note: I did head over to Hob Lob after work, and I searched and searched for some sort of rack or shelf that would look good, but no such luck.

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Heather G said...

go to a thrift shop and buy an old window pane. Paint it and put a mirror behind it.