Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Think the Mexican Might Have Done It....

Maybe it was the spiciness?? Maybe it was the salsa?? Maybe it was the chicken?? All I do know is I had one of the craziness dreams ever. It was all about Kaci and it made me wake up to see if she was still cozied up in our bed.

Kaci weighed about 3 lbs. when we first got her. She was back to that size in my dream and for some strange reason we had one jar candle sitting on the floor.

Apparently, she was eating the wick of the candle...the lit wick part of the candle. All I remember is that I ran over and she had already swallowed the flame. I remember seeing her whole body light up like a glow worm. (I'm tellin' ya, it had to be the Mexican food.)

I looked at her teeth in her lifeless body, and they were all black and charred along with her gums.

Wow...even just typing it, I sound stranger than ever.

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