Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hot Dinner Date and a New Rope

Here's a question for starters....why in the world does it feel like eternity for the weekend to arrive, but then so fast for the week to get here?

Today was such a great day. I started off the day by working till 1, and then ending the day with relaxing on the couch, blogging away and watching a movie with the hubby.

We did have a hot date at a new Mexican restaurant that was absolutely delicious....Margarita House. For 2 complete meals, chips, salsa, and drinks we paid around $10.50, and that was because of it's grand opening being yesterday. We have already decided we will be returning...very soon. I have decided that I must have a couple of ounces of Mexican blood flowing in my veins. (Not really...if you saw me, you would see that I have no I could eat it everyday, I'm sure and never get tired of it.

After our great dinner date, we headed to our favorite store Target to do our usual walk around. I could seriously do some damage to our bank account at that place. LOVE IT!

I did manage to get our sweet Kaci a surprise! It's amazing how you can buy a rope and they think it's the greatest thing! She loves it...she even carried it around the yard when I took her outside to potty.

Kaci and her new rope

And in my was a good day!

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