Sunday, March 7, 2010

Because I'm Not Cool Like That

I am an avid fan of the social networking site, Facebook. In reality, I'm more than an avid fan...I'm an addict. I love it. I love looking through endless pictures of friends, and even people who aren't my friends. I love catching up with old friends who I have reunited with on Facebook.

But I do not, I repeat do not love the endless requests of joining these games. I find them annoying. Yes, I did venture in to the game of Farm Town for a while there, but then I realized just how annoying it could be. So I deleted it.

This is very similar to Farm Town...
just as annoying, but with a different name.

The infamous Mafia Wars that takes up my entire page of my News Feed.
Hiding such things do not help.

I find it humorous when I see 40+ year old parents
begging for help with the cows. Seriously???

Sorority Life I can actually handle seeing. It's not that bad.
Maybe it's because I don't see it practically taking up my
entire News Feed page.

And with that being said, I need to make it be known in my Facebook world, that no matter how many requests I get sent, I will not join any of it.

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