Monday, March 8, 2010

Back Home Again

After venturing in to work this morning for about 2.5 hours, I am once again back home and on the couch. I was sent home after I guess my boss and co-workers saw I looked (and sounded) like death walking, as I call it. My coughs sound like loud, vibrating trombone's, and with each one, it feels as if a razor blade is slowing slicing each layer of skin in my poor little throat. My voice sounds like a man's...and I look as if I should be walking around with my head in a fish bowl. I feel drained, like I have no energy in me, but yet I can't sleep.

So, at approximately 3pm this afternoon, I should know if all this time I have been dealing with Strep Throat or not. Fingers crossed, it's just a bad case of allergies. When I spoke to my Family Doctor, she unfortunately said it sounded like a bit of both. Lucky me.

As of right now though, I have found one of my favorite movies on TV...and I even made a point to record it, so the hubby can watch it with me sometime. I think this was one of Julia Roberts best movies...ever!

And along with the movie....I have this little fur ball tucked away at the tips of my toes...
Note: The post I am currently typing
is in the picture of the laptop screen.

Please pray I get better soon. I'm getting really antsy not being able to really do anything, whether it's work, or being outside in this spectacular weather.
It's starting to drive me bonkers.
I went to the doctor, and my strep test came back negative. They drew blood (in which I almost passed out, AGAIN!) to test for any infection in my blood...they couldn't find anything along with my Mono test being negative, but did show that I had some sort of infection because my white blood cell count was so low. So, to sum it all up, I have a BAD sinus infection.
And boy, does it SUCK!

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