Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vera All Over Again...

Today, my Lovey and I decided we wanted to get out of the house for a bit. Mike had been wanting to try and find a jersey with Terelle Pryor's number on it, Ohio State's leading quarterback. We heading to Rivergate Mall where we headed in one of my all time favorite stores, The Black Lion. If anyone has ever been to one, one word can only describe this place...AMAZING! It's a place where you could spend hours upon hours browsing each booth, because they are all so different because they are vendor owned.

Right when walking in, I was Vera struck as I call it. My sister, Amber got me hooked on Vera Bradley's several years ago, and ever since I have been a huge fan. For some reason though, I haven't bought one in a while. I honestly, haven't even kept up with any of their recent prints. So basically, I fell in love with all of them (even if they were last year's seasons). I could have left with all of them if I could, but two of them, I kept going back to.

Angle Tote in Sittin' in a Tree
Angle Tote in Imperial Toile
I think my addiction may be coming about again.

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