Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I love any store thrifty. I love it. I get such a high and rush on finding all my goodies that I do find. My hubby jokes saying "I'm gonna ban you from that place because you spend too much". Too much in 20 bucks. Yes, I have never spent more than 20 bucks in a Goodwill store.

These are my goodies I found this afternoon. All of this was 14 DOLLARS!!!!
  • "The Century" Book which goes for $69 in stores, I bought for $7...(And I love this book...my parents have the same one). I thought how cool will this be to have on hand throughout the years.
  • The wire chicken with the basket bottom, I bought for $1.99....I thought it was so cute to keep on my hutch in the kitchen.
  • The metal keys, I got for $2.99 but half off ended up a $1.50.
  • I have to say I kept going back and forth with the striped dish. I loved it, but didn't know what I would possibly use for it. I figured I could put chips and a bowl of dip in it for our Summer festivities....or cookies and muffins.
  • And the glass pedestal dish, I got for $4.99. All I kept imagining was the scrumptious layered chocolate pudding dessert.

With that, where's the chocolate pudding????

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