Monday, February 22, 2010


This past weekend, I found myself questioning myself a lot...a whole lot. Everytime I walked in to my kitchen, I questioned myself....and everytime I left my kitchen, I asked myself again.

Why in the world does the kitchen table end up being the gathering spot for everyday stuff? I would love to say that I have kiddos running around non stop, and that's just what happens. But nope. This is the outcome of two people...husband and wife.

And this??? This is Lola...I have had a partial dying plant sitting on my hutch in the kitchen for this longest time. And that's a plastic pie lid with gross water underneath. My sister, Angel gave me a portion of hers to grow my own at home. We named her Lola. So much for trying to have maintain a green thumb.

And blog my friend. I love this stuff. It cleans anything and everything. It's like magic, seriously.

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Amber said...

just wait till you have kids...then the stuff is EVERYWHERE!!!!