Sunday, February 28, 2010

Because I'm an Addict

  • I went thrifting this afternoon, and found this awesome hanging door piece. Well, it could have been awesome until I got too creative (if there's such a thing) and ruined the darn thing. I was so bummed. Luckily it was only 49 cents.
  • I really should be cleaning the house to get it spic and span for the appraisal going on tomorrow. It's not that bad of a mess, but one I definitely wouldn't want business people coming over and seeing it. Especially since they are from Mike's work.
  • I am already wishing this week was over. Pretty sad since it hasn't even started.
  • One of my Bff's brought the idea up to me about starting a Book Club. My sister, Amber is part of one, and it has always interested me. The only kicker is, is I am bad about starting a book and not finishing one. Embarrassingly enough, I still haven't finished New Moon yet...Um yeah. And I have the entire set, well except the last one. I think it will be fun, and maybe being part of a club will actually get me to finish the book.
  • I am in a working out rut. Since our XBox got fried last week, I haven't been able to visit with Jillian any (that was what we play all our Dvd's on and Netflix). I have taken Kaci for walks throughout the week, but doing just that, I feel like I'm not really working out. Ugh. At this mode, this weight is not gonna be off by Spring or Summer at that.
  • I saw the most amazing smile from my husband earlier. I just love when we laugh and play with each other. I just love him so much.
  • Is it just me or do others find South Park completely vulgar, awful and dumb??? I don't know why it's on our screen, but I think it's because the hubby was watching what was on before it came on.
  • Friday evening after work, I ran into another favorite store of mine, Big Lots. While scoping each aisle for some brilliant deal, a little Hispanic boy was admiring this children's outdoor patio set. I'm not good at Spanish, but I promise you I thought he was throwing F bombs out as every other word. I know it was a jaw dropper for sure. He had to be like 6!!!
  • Well, I guess the night's not gonna get any longer. I will probably post something else before the evening's over because I'm an addict.

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