Sunday, February 28, 2010


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Because I'm an Addict

  • I went thrifting this afternoon, and found this awesome hanging door piece. Well, it could have been awesome until I got too creative (if there's such a thing) and ruined the darn thing. I was so bummed. Luckily it was only 49 cents.
  • I really should be cleaning the house to get it spic and span for the appraisal going on tomorrow. It's not that bad of a mess, but one I definitely wouldn't want business people coming over and seeing it. Especially since they are from Mike's work.
  • I am already wishing this week was over. Pretty sad since it hasn't even started.
  • One of my Bff's brought the idea up to me about starting a Book Club. My sister, Amber is part of one, and it has always interested me. The only kicker is, is I am bad about starting a book and not finishing one. Embarrassingly enough, I still haven't finished New Moon yet...Um yeah. And I have the entire set, well except the last one. I think it will be fun, and maybe being part of a club will actually get me to finish the book.
  • I am in a working out rut. Since our XBox got fried last week, I haven't been able to visit with Jillian any (that was what we play all our Dvd's on and Netflix). I have taken Kaci for walks throughout the week, but doing just that, I feel like I'm not really working out. Ugh. At this mode, this weight is not gonna be off by Spring or Summer at that.
  • I saw the most amazing smile from my husband earlier. I just love when we laugh and play with each other. I just love him so much.
  • Is it just me or do others find South Park completely vulgar, awful and dumb??? I don't know why it's on our screen, but I think it's because the hubby was watching what was on before it came on.
  • Friday evening after work, I ran into another favorite store of mine, Big Lots. While scoping each aisle for some brilliant deal, a little Hispanic boy was admiring this children's outdoor patio set. I'm not good at Spanish, but I promise you I thought he was throwing F bombs out as every other word. I know it was a jaw dropper for sure. He had to be like 6!!!
  • Well, I guess the night's not gonna get any longer. I will probably post something else before the evening's over because I'm an addict.

What's Your Thoughts

I know that what I am about to post is probably a very controversal subject...but for some reason since I saw the commercial last night, it's been coming in and out of my mind ever since.

Being raised in a Christian house hold, I was always taught and raised to believe that any sort of sexual impurity was a sin. That in God's eyes, a sin was a sin no matter what it was.

No one is perfect. I, myself, in my dating years was not perfect substaining from temptations. Of course, I cannot go back and erase things that happened, so I will not dwell on them.

The commercial I saw was the Plan B Emergency Contraceptive Pill. Now, I guess I could be getting myself in to a rut posting such a topic without having alot of the knowledge to my name of this pill....except for the basics.

  • It is basically a back-up method of preventing pregnancy, also known as an emergency method of preventing a pregnancy after unprotected sex, or your birth control fails.

  • Plan B is not an abortion pill, meaning if you're already pregnant, the Plan B pill will not work.

  • And it is not a normal birth control pill and should not be taken consistently.

I try in my head to form my own opinion....and I have.

But I want to know what you think. What is your insight on this method?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Pick

Mike and I have grown the love for renting movies and Netflix. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do get in the mood to head to the local movie theatre and watch a new movie, but personally if I had to choose, I'd rather wait and see it in the comfort of my own home...on the couch.

Tonight was my night for movie pick. Last night, the hubster and I headed to Block Buster to pick out some movies. Thankfully, we just got a Blue Ray player not too long ago. We've been using our XBox360 to play Dvds and get any Netflix on it, but poor thing got fried the other day. The hubster has to send it off to get fixed.

This was what I chose....

Yes, I finally saw it. At first, I really wasn't liking it. It seemed to me like it dragged on and on for the longest time, but then it finally picked up. I would rate it a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.

And of course because Rachel McAdams was in it, the hubby thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chocolate Indulgence

From my last post, I finished off my asking where the chocolate pudding was...well, I found it.

This my friends, is good stuff.
60 calories of good stuff.
Just enough to stop the sweet tooth from aching.....
And just enough goodness to cause me to smack the hand of the husband when he reaches for one.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I love any store thrifty. I love it. I get such a high and rush on finding all my goodies that I do find. My hubby jokes saying "I'm gonna ban you from that place because you spend too much". Too much in 20 bucks. Yes, I have never spent more than 20 bucks in a Goodwill store.

These are my goodies I found this afternoon. All of this was 14 DOLLARS!!!!
  • "The Century" Book which goes for $69 in stores, I bought for $7...(And I love this parents have the same one). I thought how cool will this be to have on hand throughout the years.
  • The wire chicken with the basket bottom, I bought for $1.99....I thought it was so cute to keep on my hutch in the kitchen.
  • The metal keys, I got for $2.99 but half off ended up a $1.50.
  • I have to say I kept going back and forth with the striped dish. I loved it, but didn't know what I would possibly use for it. I figured I could put chips and a bowl of dip in it for our Summer festivities....or cookies and muffins.
  • And the glass pedestal dish, I got for $4.99. All I kept imagining was the scrumptious layered chocolate pudding dessert.

With that, where's the chocolate pudding????

Monday, February 22, 2010


This past weekend, I found myself questioning myself a lot...a whole lot. Everytime I walked in to my kitchen, I questioned myself....and everytime I left my kitchen, I asked myself again.

Why in the world does the kitchen table end up being the gathering spot for everyday stuff? I would love to say that I have kiddos running around non stop, and that's just what happens. But nope. This is the outcome of two people...husband and wife.

And this??? This is Lola...I have had a partial dying plant sitting on my hutch in the kitchen for this longest time. And that's a plastic pie lid with gross water underneath. My sister, Angel gave me a portion of hers to grow my own at home. We named her Lola. So much for trying to have maintain a green thumb.

And blog my friend. I love this stuff. It cleans anything and everything. It's like magic, seriously.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Ramblings

  • I woke up with one leg on the "wrong side of the bed". I haven't really felt that well that past few days just because I have been cramping so bad. Midol has been my friend though.
  • I really, really need to pick this house up. Since the weather is gonna be a nice 65 degrees, opening all the windows is playing the part in motivating me.
  • I wish I would have gotton a picture of this. Unfortunately, as of right now, we do not have a garbage disposal, which sucks. When you have one for so long and then go to not having one, you really grow to appreciate those things. My husband apparently had a late night bowl of cereal, and decided when pouring his milk down the drain, he would leave a handful of frosted flakes in the drain. NOW THAT ERKS ME!!!!! And I think he now knows that, if you know what I mean.
  • Right now, I am watching "Fred Clause" with Vince Vaughn. I love that man.
  • Friday and Saturday is my off days from working out, which means today calls for Jillian, Bob, or Mr. Treadmill.
  • I had planned all week long to have Pot Roast and veggies for our Sunday night dinner. When looking for my crock pot, I suddenly realized my crock pot was still at my best friend's house from our last gathering. Bummer.
  • Well, the basket of dirty laundry is calling my name.....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vera All Over Again...

Today, my Lovey and I decided we wanted to get out of the house for a bit. Mike had been wanting to try and find a jersey with Terelle Pryor's number on it, Ohio State's leading quarterback. We heading to Rivergate Mall where we headed in one of my all time favorite stores, The Black Lion. If anyone has ever been to one, one word can only describe this place...AMAZING! It's a place where you could spend hours upon hours browsing each booth, because they are all so different because they are vendor owned.

Right when walking in, I was Vera struck as I call it. My sister, Amber got me hooked on Vera Bradley's several years ago, and ever since I have been a huge fan. For some reason though, I haven't bought one in a while. I honestly, haven't even kept up with any of their recent prints. So basically, I fell in love with all of them (even if they were last year's seasons). I could have left with all of them if I could, but two of them, I kept going back to.

Angle Tote in Sittin' in a Tree
Angle Tote in Imperial Toile
I think my addiction may be coming about again.

The Latest on Our House...

For my family members who read this, ya'll are probably wondering what the latest is on our house....whether we're gonna buy it, look around or what. Well, the ball is finally rolling.

Several weeks ago, before I even started this blog up, I used Facebook as sort of my outlet, even with just updating my status' throughout the day. A lesson learned, I might add...that if your vague in what you say, people can often use their imaginations to try and figure out what you're referring to. (In which, I am so guilty of myself...sometimes it's hard not to). at peace with something I had been weighing on for awhile now. Feels good to give it to God, and let it be. What's meant to be, will be.

That was my actual status update a few months ago. Now, if I would have read that on someone else's I would have probably used my imagination to gather what that could have possibly meant. In all reality, I was referring to something so big that was actually causing a rift in my day to day activity. I began obsessing about finding a bigger and better house. Yes, a house. That's what it was all about. No, not my it had nothing to do with having children, it was the house situation. I began constantly looking and looking to find the deal of the century in our area, because I had it drilled in my head that this was the time to buy. And I obsessing, meaning every night coming home looking on realtor sites, everything you can imagination, I was doing it. As my husband says..."once you get an idea in your head, you can't let it go". That is so true.

One morning, I woke up, and in plain as was like God told me everything is gonna work out. Be thankful for what you have as your first house. At that point that morning, I hadn't mentioned the house situation to Mike just yet. (Normally, I would ask him if he had thought anymore about the house....) I sent him a text that simply said, "I'm ok if you want to proceed with the papers...I love you, and I trust that you are making the right decision". BAM. Right then it was like a weight had been lifted.

As of right now, we have decided to buy our cute house on Sheath Circle. I am happy that we are finally going to be investing in to something we call ours. Our plans for this Summer is to put in the remainder of the fence, which I will love because Kaci will be able to stay outside now on nice days. We are wanting to update some of the fixtures throughout the house, and all in all...with the goal of building some equity in the house. The exciting part of the matter, is without discussing details....we will be able to pay off all our debt with the only remainder of Mike's truck, and our house. I think that's pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

We have been approved, and our mortgage application has been started. Thank goodness, the ball is rolling!

Little Wet Rat

We have a little wet rat that likes to scurry all over the house, slippin' and slidin' all over the wood floors.

Her Kaci.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Behind the Title

I never realized just how hard one could possibly make with choosing a blog title. I never realized how many different layouts one could possibly add only to follow by pushing the remove button and I never realized just how much one would look forward to getting back on the blogging bandwagon.

I know the title of my blog may sound alittle juvenile...alittle obsessive considering I decided to throw our pets name in to the mix. I guess if you know me (and my hubby), you would definitely find out fast we love our Kaci. Friends say to me often, "I can only imagine how you're gonna be when you have your first baby". Yes, I know I will probably constantly talk about my bundle of joy, and probably take tons and tons of pictures. I guess it's just me. And if I wanted anything out of my blogging world, it is to be real.....Hence the title.